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Overview of the Diploma of Management

The Diploma of Management (BSB51107) provides skills and knowledge to enable managers in a business to be more effective in achieving company goals and objectives. We offer the Diploma of Management through a reognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway, or as a bespoke corporate training course.

After identifying the training need, creativeintension will choose from core and elective units to make up a bespoke program for individuals or a company. A sample diploma course can be found by clicking on the link below.

Structure of the Diploma of Management

The Diploma of Management (BSB51107) is a balance of learning and workplace practice structured into eight modules of management competency in areas of:

  • Managing work priorities and professional development
  • Project management & operational plans
  • Managing safety & risk
  • Facilitating continuous improvement
  • Compliance requirements
  • Managing people and teams
  • Presentations

To complete the Diploma, students will need to complete five core units and three elective units offered. If you click on the units link on the bottom of this page, you will find a sample of eight units to make up the Diploma.  


By the end of the diploma course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of business management principles
  • Have enhanced management skills
  • Apply solutions to well-known predictable problems
  • Take responsibility managing themselves and their team to achieve company objectives and performance requirements
  • Evaluate their own professional development needs and performance
  • Mentor employees, trainees and apprentices

Why choose the Diploma of Management(BSB51107)?

  • To further your career
  • To be a better manager and get more productivity from your team
  • To be better organised
  • To understand the responsibilities of being a manager, supervisor or team leader
  • To be able to mentor and teach employees, trainees and apprentices
  • To manage your own performance
  • To gain a diploma qualification that reflects your current experience


Intensive face-to-face course RPL On site
Currently not offered. Study at your own pace. Up to 36 months to complete the course. We train in your premises anywhere in Australia to your timetable.   Make enquiry…

Diploma of Management Units

We offer the following units in the Diploma of Management:

Unit Name Code
Make a Presentation BSBCMM401A
Manage People Performance BSBMGT502B
Manage Operational Plan BSBMGT515A
Facilitate Continuous Improvement BSBMGT516C
Manage Personal Workplace Priorities & Professional Development BSBWOR501B
Ensure Team Effectiveness BSBWOR502B
Manage Conflict PSPGIV508B
Facilitate Change PSPGOV514A


Diploma of Management Assessments

When studying the Diploma of Management (BSB51107) there will be a number of projects and assessment tasks to complete:

  • Competency application assessment questions – related to particular course units
  • Strategic workplace assessment projects - This project must be designed to improve your workplace and must relate to at least one unit of study.

Job Roles

  • Coordinators
  • Frontline Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Supervisors/Superintendents
  • Business Owners

Diploma of Management Prerequisites

While studyingthe Diploma of Management (BSB51107) we will provide you with a dedicated facilitator/coach, study materials and as much support as you need. Prerequisites for this course include:

  • Currently employed
  • Working where you can demonstrate responsibility for a team or a business unit. Working self-directed under broad guidance.
  • Good English language and literacy skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Access to a computer with Microsoft Office suite and computer competency
  • A workplace mentor to support your study and sign-off on assessments  

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